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My energy audit has been done, what's next?

Now that you have had your facility's energy efficiency assessed by an Energy Management Service Provider (EMSP), sign and submit 2 copies of the Program Agreement as well as the Release of Information. Once you have received the audit report, choose the measures you wish to implement and submit your completed Statement of Work.

I paid for my energy audit, when do I get my audit incentive payment?

After you have submitted the Program Agreement and the Release of Information and your EMSP has submitted your audit report and proof of your payment, you will receive the rebate for the audit and be on your way to upgrading your building for improved energy efficiency and lower energy bills. You should receive your audit incentive within 60 days.

When can I go ahead with construction?

Once NB Power has received your Statement of Work, you will receive notification of approval within 45 days. You have 18 months from the date you sign the Program Agreement to complete your projects.

I am a contractor and I am doing some of the recommended upgrades myself, can I still get an incentive for that?

Yes, you are eligible for incentives. Your invoices for materials purchased are required when you send in the Request for Payment.

How do I get my final payment for the implementation of energy efficiency measures and how long will it take?

Once work is finished, submit the Request for Payment along with copies of invoices for all eligible costs within 90 days of project completion. After a technical review by NB Power, your incentive will be approved and sent for payment. This process can take up to 90 days.