Investigation update - white and green power bars from the Energy Efficiency Kit. 

Recently, out of an abundance of caution we asked customers to stop using the white and green power bar from the Energy Efficiency Kit after reports of some power bars malfunctioning. The manufacturer investigated the damaged power bar and determined that prolonged water exposure to the power bar’s printed circuit board assembly resulted in shorting and caused the malfunction.

We thank you for your patience and understanding and are pleased to inform that the white and green power bars can now be used again.


Can I continue and use my white power bar?

Yes, you can now use your power bar again.

I heard there was a problem with these power bars, are they safe to use?

The manufacturer investigated reports of malfunctioning power bars and discovered that the power bar in question malfunctioned due to prolonged water exposure.

I discarded my white and green power bar; can I get a new one?

Yes, please email us and we can send you a new power bar.

What should I plug into power bars?

DVRs/routers, cable boxes/modems, TVs/PCs, gaming consoles (without a hard disk drive), AV receivers and TV/PC accessories are items that can be safely plugged into a power bar.

What shouldn’t be?

Large appliances or furniture should not be plugged in to the power bar.

What is the benefit to using a power bar?

Power bars help save energy by reducing the amount of standby power electronics continue to use after turning them o­n.

What would cause a power bar to malfunction?

In this case prolonged water exposure caused the power bar to short.

How may reports of malfunctioned power bars?

We were made aware of 4 instances of damaged power bars.

How many kits were distributed?

Over 20,000 kits have been distributed.

I have a black power bar; can I still use this?

Yes, but we encourage everyone to review the guidelines on safe power bar use.

Are the power bars safe to use?

Yes. In fact, TrickleStar the manufacturer, has distributed over 9 million advanced powerstrips/bars to the North American market.

Was there a defect in the power bar?

No, the issue was because of water exposure and not a manufacturing defect.