Get 25% back on energy efficient products and equipment!

Rebate includes upgrades to lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and more.

Business Rebate Program

Get up to $1.25 Million back for energy saving upgrades!

Get up to 100% back on your energy audit or feasibility study and access incentives for energy saving projects like equipment and heating upgrades.

Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program

Get up to $1.5 Million for greenhouse gas reducing upgrades!

Get up to 100% back on energy audits and feasibility studies, and access incentives for greenhouse gas reducing projects.

Industrial Energy Efficiency Program

Get up to $250,000 per building for project implementation!

Are you planning new commercial or industrial construction? We have a program for you.

New Construction Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program

Get up to $250,000 in rebates on fuel-saving devices!

Are you an owner or operator of a commercial transportation business in New Brunswick? Get quick and easy access to fuel-saving financial rebates through this program.

Fuel Savings Transportation Program

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Events and Training

Courses to help build knowledge around energy efficiency and programs available to New Brunswickers.

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Business Rebate Program

Bonté Foods, Dieppe, NB

“NB Power’s program, including the application and approval process, made our decision of choosing a more costly but efficient VFD-driven air compressor quicker and easier.”

Bonté Foods Project

Energy-Saving Advice

Is your compressed air system meeting your needs?

A system audit can solve performance issues and find savings along the way.

LED Lights Can Save Your Business Money

If you want to save on monthly and yearly operating expenses, look up. Replacing your old-fashioned incandescent or fluorescent lights with LED lights can save your business money, improve comfort for your tenants, and help to protect the environment.

Energy Saving Tips for Your Business

If you're a business owner it may seem impossible to keep expenses under control when you are pulled in many directions. There is one thing we can help you with and that’s your energy bill.

"I cannot stress enough how easy it was to participate and receive incentives." - Ocean Steel and Strescon, Saint John, NB