“The biggest bonus isn't the money you get back in rebates, it’s the money you save on energy for years to come.”

Are you Eligible?

If you own a home, our Total Home Energy Savings Program is for you. The program offers incentives for reducing your energy use throughout your home, from the basement to the attic. It all starts with your initial Home Energy Evaluation by a Certified Energy Advisor. They’re like a fitness coach for you home that identifies where your home needs upgrades.

Receive financial rebates when you complete recommended energy-saving upgrades. Upgrading doors, insulation, heating source or windows can all be eligible. Get ready to save energy, and money.


Benefits & Savings

When you take part in our Total Home Program, you’ll save money on your upgrades, and enjoy long-term savings on your energy bill. Start with your home energy evaluation to get clear, measurable ways to save energy. Then, receive up to thousands of dollars in incentives when you make any, or all, of the recommended energy-saving upgrades.

Energy efficiency upgrades can help you save up to 25% on your mortgage insurance premium too. Enjoy lower energy bills and a more comfortable home when you participate. Start counting the savings today.


How it Works

It’s easy to get started with the Total Home Energy Savings program. Follow these 5 simple steps to total home comfort and savings.


Register and Schedule Evaluation

Complete our online registration form or call us at 1-800-663-6272.


The initial Home Energy Evaluation is the key to accessing incentives. It’s your starting gate for a more efficient and comfortable home.


Review Report

Your Home Energy Evaluation report provides prioritized recommendations for projects that will help you save energy and money.


Select & Complete Upgrades

Choose the projects to complete. You have 9 months from the date of your energy evaluation to do the work. Be sure to save your receipts!


Final Inspection

Your Certified Energy Advisor will verify your upgrades and you’ll receive a new EnerGuide rating that shows the improved efficiency of your home.


Receive Rebates

Save all your receipts relating to upgrades you completed, to ensure you receive your incentives. Receiving your payment is quick and easy.

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Canada Greener Homes Loan

The Canada Greener Homes Loan is administered by Natural Resources Canada. The program offers an interest-free loan for energy efficiency improvements.

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Get an Energy Evaluation

See what’s involved in a home energy evaluation and how it can help identify ways to make your home more comfortable

What to Expect in a Home Energy Evaluation

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Save on Your Mortgage Insurance Premium

Energy efficiency renovations can help you save on your mortgage insurance premium.

Energy Efficiency Renovations

Canada Greener Homes Grant

On February 12, 2024, The Government of Canada closed new applications to the Canada Greener Homes Grant Program.

Greener Homes Grant

Direct Deposit Enrolment

We are now offering customers e-Transfer or a direct deposit option for all incentives, making it quick and easy for you to receive your payment!

Direct Deposit

Service Organizations

Service Organizations that deliver the Total Home Energy Savings Program

Service Organizations

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Total Home Energy Savings Program? How does it work? What is the cost to participate?


Heat Pumps

Eligible models, heat pump maintenance and tips for choosing a contractor.

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“We’re able to manage energy costs so much better now!!”


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