We’ll be expanding our programs to include customers who heat with oil and have a household income of less than $70,000. Program details are still being developed and applications will be available January 16, 2023.

1. Who is eligible?

The Enhanced Energy Savings Program is open to all eligible New Brunswick homeowners, regardless of how they heat their homes.

Three important criteria are used to determine eligibility:

  1. An annual combined gross household income of up to and including $70,000. You can determine your household income by checking the most current income tax Notice of Assessment showing Line 15000 for each adult (18+) living in the home.
  2. You must own the home and live in it.
  3. Your home must have a need for major energy efficiency upgrades.

2. Do I need to be an NB Power customer to apply?

No, the Enhanced Energy Savings Program is open to all eligible New Brunswick homeowners, regardless of energy provider (Saint John Energy, Perth Andover Light Commission and Edmundston Energy, etc.).

3. How can I take part in the program? Can I register?

Complete the online registration form.

4. What are the upgrades?

Upgrades are recommended based on a pre-upgrade evaluation by a Certified Energy Advisor. All upgrades require approval by NB Power and are determined based on energy efficiency and savings.

Eligible homeowners will be offered a series of upgrades, such as the addition of basement, attic and wall insulation; ventilation for air quality or humidity issues, mini-split heat pumps for efficient heating (see mini-split eligibility requirements in section below) and energy-efficient light bulbs. Homes can qualify for some or all of the potential upgrades to be completed at no cost.

5. Do I have to own my home?

Yes, you must own the home and live in it. Eligible participants must be the owner of the property as registered with Service NB. You must be the primary resident of the home and live in it.

6. How long does the process take?

Once we receive your documents and approve your file, it could take two to three months to complete the program. This includes having the home evaluations and completion of the work. For more details, review the Program Guidelines.

7. What will it cost?

There is no cost to participate in the Program. This program is funded by the Government of New Brunswick and administered by NB Power.

8. If I’m registered in Total Home Energy Savings Program and am now eligible for the Enhanced Energy Savings Program - can I make the switch?

You can benefit from both Enhanced Energy Savings Program and Total Home Energy Savings Program. Programs must be completed one at a time.
If you are currently enrolled in the Total Home Energy Savings Program and have started your upgrades, it is recommended to complete the Total Home Energy Savings Program and receive your Total Home program incentives from NB Power before registering for the Enhanced Energy Savings Program.
If you have not started your Total Home Energy Savings Program upgrades, you may withdraw from the Total Home Energy Savings Program and apply for the Enhanced Energy Savings Program. It’s important to note the cost of your evaluation cannot be reimbursed.
Please let us know which option you would like to proceed with by contacting us at SmartHabits@nbpower.com.

9. What if I have already received funding from the Department of Social Development?

If you received funding from the Department of Social Development, you are eligible to participate.

10. What if I am a client of Social Development or on Social Assistance?

You are still eligible to be considered to participate in the Enhanced Energy Savings Program.

11. What if I am in a Social Development home?

You are not eligible to participate if you are not the rightful owner of the home.

12. What if my spouse or partner and I are income splitting on our income taxes which makes our household income seem higher than it is?

Spouses or common-law partners who are income splitting (which can affect Line 15000 on your Notice of Assessment), must submit copies or photos of the full CRA T1 Income Tax Return for both adults, instead of the Notice of Assessment.

1. Who is eligible to have a mini-split heat pump included in their upgrades?

If you meet the eligibility requirements for the Enhanced Energy Savings Program, primarily heat with electric baseboards, and do not already have a heat pump, it may be recommended as part of your home’s upgrades.

2. Can I sign up just for a mini-split heat pump?

No, the mini-splits are an expansion of the Enhanced Energy Savings Program. Eligible homeowners are offered a series of upgrades. The Program targets homes in need of major energy efficiency upgrades, especially those needing insulation and air sealing. The upgrades recommended for your home will be determined at the time of the energy evaluation.

3. Are mini-splits really free? What if the mini-split needs repairs?

All mini-split heat pumps provided through the EESP will have a 10-year warranty for parts and labour. Three free deep cleans will be provided within the 10-year period. We will also include an exterior cover for the mini-split heat pumps (as long as there is no physical limitation in the space).

4. What is the customer’s responsibility for their mini-split?

Customers are responsible for regular filter cleanings (we’ll provide information to help guide you) and keeping the outdoor area around your mini-split heat pump clean and free of snow/ice build up.

5. Can I get more than one mini-split?

The size and quantity of mini-splits will be based on the expert assessment of your home and can be impacted by square footage and floor plans. In most cases, one mini-split will be installed.

6. What if my electrical panel won’t support a mini-split heat pump?

During your home visit, the contractor will determine what is needed to install your mini-split. In some cases, a “pony panel” will be required and the cost will be covered by NB Power. If additional electrical upgrades are required to safely add a mini-split, the cost would be the responsibility of the homeowner.

7. Will I see a reduction in my power bill once the mini-split heat pump is installed?

Mini-splits heat pumps heat, cool and dehumidify your home, keeping you comfortable year-round. They can also save money and energy as they’re much more efficient than traditional heating methods.

The effect a newly installed mini-split heat pump will have on your heating costs varies based on the size, floor plan and your personal usage/temperature settings. We’ll be providing resources to homeowners on how to use your mini-split most efficiently to help you manage your heating and cooling costs.

8. What if I rent my heat pump?

Anyone who already has a heat pump installed in their home is not eligible for a mini-split as part of the Enhanced Energy Savings Program, but may be eligible for other upgrades like insulation.