Eddie G, Rollingdam, NB
Energy Efficiency Program: Enhanced Energy Savings Program (formerly Low Income Energy Savings Program)
Homeowner Investment: $0 (program is no cost to participant) 
Efficiency Upgrade/s: Spray foam insulation in basement 
Participant Benefit:  Basement warmth increased by 6 ֯ C with same energy use  

When Eddie and his wife built their home in Rollingdam in 2001, they wanted to keep living in it throughout retirement and remain independent for as long as possible. For Eddie, this also meant keeping his mind occupied through a hobby he loves; woodworking. 

“I am happy and proud to be able to do woodworking,” Eddie says “I made a lot of furniture in my house and building furniture allows me to get out and participate in craft sales”.

Before going through the Enhanced Energy Savings Program, Eddie wasn’t able to use his basement as a workshop during the winter because it was not insulated. The cold basement also created a risk of freezing water pipes. Eddie applied to the Low Income Energy Savings Program to see what could be upgraded in his house to make it comfortable.  Working with NB Power’s Energy Partners, the basement was identified as a source of significant heat loss. The program provided $7,300 of spray foam insulation for his entire basement at no cost to Eddie, who says he can now work comfortably in his workshop every day, even on bitterly cold days.

Eddie is enjoying his retirement years. “If you keep your mind occupied, your body is going to stay functioning a little longer and a little better. When I get up in the morning here- there weren’t many days this winter where I wasn’t down in the basement some.” – Eddie