Personal information on the registration form is collected under Part 3, Division A of the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act of New Brunswick for the purpose of assessing your application. NB Power will take all necessary steps to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all personal information.

The participant further agrees that all the information provided is accurate and NB Power is authorized to obtain any information necessary for the processing of this registration, for program evaluation and for program development from any source necessary. The participant authorizes any such source to share with NB Power, the information required for the processing of an application for incentives to NB Power, for Program Evaluation and for Program Development. Such sources could include but are not limited to Service New Brunswick and NB Power’s Participating Service Organization(s). The participant also authorizes NB Power to maintain information for the purpose of administering the New Home Energy Savings Program. Any questions can be directed to NB Power at 1 800 663-6272.

Participation in the New Home Energy Savings Program requires modeling of your building plans and an On Site Energy Evaluation. The participant authorizes NB Power to share the information provided on the registration form with a Participating Service Organization for the purposes of contacting you to facilitate the modeling of your building plans. The participant hereby gives permission for NB Power and the Service Organization to perform the modeling of the building plans and conduct a home evaluation and collect information about your home for the purposes of determining any eligible incentive. The participant hereby gives permission for NB Power to conduct occasional on site visits during the home construction process for quality assurance purposes.

Participants are responsible for the quality of work performed either by themselves or through their contractors for work performed as part of this program. NB Power is in no way liable or responsible for any financial burdens or loss, for the quality of work provided to the participant on the home, or for the actual efficiencies gained from recommendations through the New Home Energy Savings Program.

Please note that NB Power takes safety very seriously and fully supports employees and contractors who refuse unsafe work. Our contractors can reschedule home energy evaluations in cases of inclement weather, at their discretion. In these situations, as much advanced notice as possible will be given.

By clicking the "I Agree" button on the registration page the participant:

(i) agrees that all people entered on the registration form are authorized to sign any documents related to the New Home Energy Savings Program. (ii) confirms that they have read and understand that the current New Home Energy Savings Program Guidelines, along with the provisions described on this page, constitute the terms and conditions of the Program, and agree to comply with same.