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1. Who is eligible? What are the income limits?

There are three major criteria to determine eligibility:

1. The household income must be less than the established 'Housing Income Limits' which vary by household size and by geographical areas within the province:

Area One Bedroom Two Bedroom Three Bedroom












One Bedroom



Two Bedroom



Three Bedroom



*Any household requiring greater than a 3 bedroom unit will be capped at the threshold of $61.000.

    • Urban areas include the cities of Saint John, Fredericton, Moncton, Dieppe, Miramichi, Bathurst, Campbellton and Edmundston (municipal boundaries apply)
    • Rural areas include all remaining communities throughout the province.
    • The Housing Income Limits are based on household make up/bedroom need. Example: one bedroom would be a single person or couple, two bedroom would be if there was a child or two siblings of same sex, three bedroom would be if there were children of opposite sex, etc.

2. Property taxes for the previous year must be paid in full. If arrears are indicated on your Property Tax Assessment you will not be eligible.

3. You must own the home and live in it.

4. Your home must have a need for major energy efficiency upgrades.

2. How can I take part in the program? Can I register?

If you believe you may meet the eligibility requirements for the Program, we will add your name to a list for pre-screening. You MAY receive a call from NB Power depending on your position on the wait list. This is a first come first served program conditional on meeting the eligibility requirements and your place on the list.

Currently we have a waitlist time of approximately 9 months.

3. What are the upgrades?

Upgrades are recommended based on a pre-upgrade evaluation by a Certified Energy Advisor. All upgrades require approval by NB Power and are determined based on energy efficiency and savings.

The following upgrades may be included:

11 watt LED

Low flow showerheads

Low flow faucet aerators

Domestic hot water pipe insulation

Air sealing

Insulation (Basement/crawlspace, Attic, Main wall)


4. Do I have to own my home?

Yes, you must own the home and live in it. Eligible participants must be the owner of the property as registered with Service NB. You must be the primary resident of the home and live in it.

5. Is there a deadline?

The Program will be ongoing and subject to annual budget approval.

6. What will it cost?

 There is no cost to participate in the Program. This program is funded by NB Power and the Government of New Brunswick and administered by NB Power.

7. What if I have already received funding from the Department of Social Development?

If you received funding from the Department of Social Development you are eligible to participate

8. What if I am a client of Social Development or on Social Assistance?

You are still eligible to be considered to participate in the Low-Income Energy Savings Program.

9. What if I am in a Social Development home?

You are not eligible to participate if you are not the rightful owner of the home.


Please see the Program Guidelines for more information.