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Additional Incentives

You can choose from Air-sealing, Solar PV and other products. Equipment must meet specific criteria to be eligible for incentives. Please see Eligibility Criteria for details in our program guidelines.

Additional Incentives

Upgrade Incentive Eligibility criteria and notes (see program guidelines for full details)
Windows, doors & skylights $50 ENERGY STAR (keep the stickers that come on your windows)
Heat recovery ventilator $200 ENERGY STAR
Variable speed pool pump $100 ENERGY STAR
Solar Photovoltaic $200 per kW Projects must meet the requirements of NB Power’s net metering program. See full details on page 8 of the program guidelines.

Air Sealing Upgrades

Incentives will be issued on a sliding scale between 10 and 25% for actual air leakage reduction achieved.

Air leakage reduction Incentive Eligibility criteria and notes
10% $250
  • Homes with an ACH (air changes per hour) of 3 or less at the time of the initial Home Energy Evaluation will not be eligible for the air sealing incentive.
  • Incentives toward air sealing will not be available when there is a change to the volume of the home (i.e. adding an addition, changing from a flat ceiling to a cathedral ceiling).
15% $350
20% $450
25% $550