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Eligibility and Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines

The Total Home Energy Savings Program helps New Brunswick homeowners find energy savings in their homes – from top to bottom.

Program Guidelines



We’ve made some changes!

On February 1, 2022, we made changes to the amount you can get back for completing upgrades to your home. You can view these changes on our website and in the program guidelines.

Did you register on or before January 31st? Click here to consult the program guidelines in effect.


To be eligible to participate in the Total Home Energy Savings Program you must meet these requirements:

  • You must be the legal Property Owner in order to apply for the Total Home Energy Savings Program.
  • Your home is: a residential property, no more than three stories high, smaller than 600 m² (6458 ft²)*. Single-family homes, detached, side-by-side, or row homes are eligible.
  • Manufactured or Mobile homes are on a permanent foundation*.
  • Buildings must be habitable, structurally sound and capable of receiving a home evaluation, as determined by a Certified Energy Advisor. The home must have all interior and exterior finishes in place (including, for example, siding and drywall) and have a functioning automated heating system, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • Buildings that participated in any of Efficiency NB’s programs or NB Power’s Home Insulation Energy Savings Program that still need upgrades.

*As defined under Part 9 of the National Building Code of Canada 2010

Ineligible buildings include:

  • Cottages and camps not lived in year round
  • Multi-unit condominiums or apartment buildings with 3 or more units
  • Commercial buildings
  • Buildings that are not habitable, structurally sound or are not capable of receiving a home evaluation, as determined by a Certified Energy Advisor (i.e. fire damage, uninhabitable, major renovation or construction in progress, etc.)

Please note: Homes having up to two units, such as granny suites or homes with an adjacent unit, may be eligible to participate in the program. If there is an interior unlocked doorway connecting the two units, the property may be eligible. Eligibility will be determined by your Service Organization.

Rented Equipment

Rented equipment may be eligible with prior approval of the rental agreement by NB Power. Please see the Eligibility Criteria section of the Program Guidelines for currently approved rental agreements.

Electronic Technical Reference Manual for Upgrades

The Technical Reference Manual gives you insight into calculated energy savings for installation of eligible equipment. See how NB Power calculates energy savings and enables visibility to potential in-year and lifetime energy savings.

Access the Technical Reference Manual now.